Three Sixty is a lifestyle brand and design studio. The brand offers one-of-a kind, handcrafted leather

furniture and accessories, combined with a seamless customer experience.

The studio works in a unique collaborative process with its clients to develop bespoke leather collections

with an ethos of celebrating its rich tradition of classic and contemporary design, Indian craftsmanship

and sustainable practices through its products and services.

A story about timeless design and Indian craftsmanship

Vikash Gupta founded Ranvik Exports, the parent company of Three Sixty in 1993. The company started with humble beginnings and a vision to design and produce leather furniture showcasing Indian craftsmanship to the world. 

Propelling this vision forward, the brand Three Sixty was launched in 2009, and has been built over years to offer customers an exceptional experience of design, handcrafted high quality products through leather collections that include home decór, accent furniture and lifestyle accessories. A firm believer in pursuing a life work life balance, Vikash embodies this spirit by being a first generation entrepreneur, a family man, and an avid golfer.


His philosophy in life reflects in his work. “A balanced

pursuit of all the good things life has to offer."

Live authentically. Live the leather life. 

Three sixty chair
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Founder’s Note

“My vision is to make Three Sixty a unique leather lifestyle

brand in India and the world, where every handcrafted

creation combines craftsmanship with modern design to

become a conversation piece; and reflects the lifestyle of people who believe in a work-life balance and celebrate the good things in life.”

Vikash Gupta

Founder & CEO


One of ThreeSixty’s founding principles was to bring our local Indian artisans into the limelight. India has a vast wealth of fine craftsmanship, which needs patronage and support from local businesses. Driven by these guiding principles, Three Sixty and its founder have been committed champions of local artisan communities. From participating in fundraisers to providing for welfare, the company believes in giving back to the community and contribute to bettering the lives of others.


Gensis Foundation

The genesis foundation is a non profit organisation which works for the the betterment of underprivileged children. The program identifies vulnerable children especially those who need medical care, especially for heart conditions.

Vikash Gupta has been an ardent supporter of the foundation right from the beginning and lends his time and effort in promoting their activities. He believes children’s are gods greatest creation and none of them should suffer. He involved in multiple fund raisers for the organisation most notable their annual “CEO”S sings kids” where CEOs from different parts of the city come together to raise money and awareness for this life saving program